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Hallwood Modular Buildings, LLC

Hallwood Modular Buildings provides protective building systems and related services that help protect your personnel and critical equipment. Our blast resistant buildings can provide protection from blasts/explosions, projectiles, fire, forced entry, noise, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados.

Hallwood Modular Buildings has been supplying blast resistant structures since 2004. These buildings are expertly engineered to provide the necessary protection against fire, projectiles, and flying debris, all obvious threats in the event of an explosion.

Hallwood Modular offers a multitude of engineered designs, including:

  • Multiplex Units (Bolted and Welded Design)
  • Stackable Modules
  • Single Modules
  • Guard Shacks
  • Restroom
  • Operator and Control Buildings
  • Custom Designs

Hallwood Modular has successfully diversified its designs to be used in a multitude of settings. Having served such diverse markets, it has allowed them to reach levels which otherwise could not be obtained. Our relationships across differentiated markets have proven to find the best solutions possible for each customer, and every application.

The mere fact that their products protect people and equipment from potential outside dangers requires that they maintain only the highest standards in quality. Our quality system is the backbone of our company. This level of control would not be possible without the total commitment of our employees. The quality management system has been and continues to be a group effort involving employees from very element of our production process. This kind of participation allows them to capitalize on the experience of employees with unique perspectives on our processes. This has proven to be extremely productive in proactively identifying and correcting potential risks to our quality system. Besides taking sincere pride in our work, their employees understand the importance of producing a high quality product and are committed to the total satisfaction of our customers.

Hallwood Modular Building’s highest priority is the protection of personnel and critical equipment in some of the toughest environments.

They are committed to the continued development of our products to further enhance safety and security. Developing a strong safety culture and delivering the safety performance that the customers expect only happens by having dedicated and engaged leadership at all levels. One of the most important factors in safety is every employee individually committing to work more safely and being mindful of the safety of those around them. To support and drive this behavior throughout the organization, HMB shares safety information and best practices throughout its team and clearly communicates our guiding principles for safety to all employees.