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Download technical white papers from the LNG sector.


Decarbonization, Electrification and the Case for Modern Electric Process Heaters

Because of climate change and tougher emissions regulations, companies in LNG and other industries feel the pressure to decarbonise. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to replace fired heaters with electric ones.

Published on the 01 April 2021

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Advancements in DMR Liquefaction Technology: single-pressure versus dual-pressure

This white paper discusses advancements in offshore natural gas liquefaction technology.

Published on the 01 March 2021

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Gas & Flame Detection: Liquefied Natural Gas Fueling Stations

A whitepaper exploring gas & flame detection at LiquefiedNatural Gas Fueling Stations

Published on the 02 November 2020

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Digital thread & digital twin – the hidden project asset

In this white paper, InEight discusses how digital twins can be enhanced by the presence of a digital thread – a virtual representation of the work done during the construction of the asset.

Published on the 16 June 2020

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