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Special reports

US LNG exports set record

In November, exports of LNG from the US set a record and surpassed the previous record set in January 2020.



Unfinished business

Eric Linsner, LNG Specialist, International Registries, Inc., USA, discusses the progress and challenges for the use of LNG as a marine fuel in small scale applications.

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A one-two punch for pool fires

Brandon Stambaugh, Owens Corning, USA, considers the application of multi-prong insulation to reduce LNG pool fires, improving safety and reducing facility footprint.

LNG Industry Spotlight with Linde Engineering

LNG Industry Editor, Lydia Woellwarth, was recently joined by Feras Alhothali, Innovation Manager, and Philipp von Breitenbuch, Product Manager, from Linde Engineering to discuss their recent article in LNG Industry.