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Special reports

LNG in Latin America: A tale of two markets

In our recent July issue of LNG Industry, Kilian de Cintré, Partner, Chris Taufatofua, Partner, Chris Strong, Partner, and Ruairi McGill, Associate, Vinson & Elkins, assess the current state of the LNG market in Latin America and the Caribbean.

LNG decarbonisation strategies for a cleaner future

In our recent North America issue of LNG Industry, Dr Öznur Arslan, Dr Justin Bukowski, Richard Fong, Dr Christine Kretz, and Dejan Veskovic, Air Products, identify strategies for decarbonising the LNG value chain.

Making moves with modular regasification terminals

In our recent July issue of LNG Industry, Danielle Murphy-Cannella, Head of Sustainability, and Kristoffer Evju, Vice President Commercial, ECOnnect Energy, explore some of the challenges and possibilities within the current state of the global LNG market, and technological solutions that can contribute towards cleaner and sustained energy security.

LNG bunkering in North America: A success story

LNG has been the dominant alternative marine fuel in the US for over a decade, but new long-term options are emerging writes Rostom Merzouki, Director – Global Gas Development, ABS Qatar In our recent North America supplement of LNG Industry.


One step further

In the July 2024 issue of LNG Industry, Bill Howe, Chief Executive, and Geoff Skinner, Technical Director, Gasconsult, and David Champion, LNG Technology Manager, McDermott, outline how liquefaction technology can be developed to support decarbonisation initiatives, both now and in the future. This special report lists all the sources used for this article.

Powering progress for a greener future with e-LNG

In our recent June issue of LNG Industry, Anand Jha, Vice President of Global Sales, Chemical, Oil and Gas, ABB, details the benefits of electrifying gas turbines to accelerate the decarbonisation of the chemical, oil, and gas industry.

Tube insights

In our recent June issue of LNG Industry, Vahid Shahsavari, Applications Expert, David Veilleux, Product Manager, and David Aubé, Product Manager, Tubing, Eddyfi Technologies, outline tubing inspection of air coolers within natural gas pipeline compressor stations.

More Special reports news

Reducing Waste: K. LUND Flare Gas Recovery Systems

K. LUND Offshore leads in flare gas recovery, providing systems that reduce emissions, enhance safety, and offer economic benefits. Its customised solutions align with global sustainability goals and adhere to strict standards, helping the oil and gas industry progress towards a greener future.

Maritime’s future fuels

In our recent June issue of LNG Industry, Steve Esau, COO of SEA-LNG, addresses how to understand and bridge the gap between perception and the reality of decarbonisation.

Watch the temperature!

In our recent June issue of LNG Industry, Michele Pietroni, Endress+Hauser, Italy, details the use of advanced temperature sensors to ensure the safety, integrity, and efficiency of LNG storage, transportation, and processing.

IEEFA: Uncertainty looming for Australia’s LNG industry

New research from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis shows that Australia’s LNG industry faces the looming prospect of dwindling exports and diminishing returns on investment, as global market dynamics undergo a radical shift.

Success through planning and risk mitigation: Part two

In part two of a two-part article, Mark Butts and Yogesh Meher, CB&I, address key early inputs and their impact on the selection of the optimal tank configuration in the recent June issue of LNG Industry.

Navigating the geopolitical landscape

In our recent June issue of LNG Industry, Ana Maria Jaller-Makarewicz, Lead Analyst of Europe, IEEFA, looks at geopolitics, gas price volatility, and LNG market uncertainty.

Don’t just buy a compressor, build success

The role of the LNG, a secure and dependable energy source, has rapidly grown in industrial use. Future LNG operations will demand more from facilities and equipment, emphasising the need for enhanced performance, strict safety measures, and thorough support for successful LNG projects.

Promoted amines for CO2 Removal

In our recent May issue of LNG Industry, Ralph Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc., USA, discusses the use of piperazine as a reaction promoter in combination with N-methyldiethanolamine for enhancing carbon dioxide removal rates.