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Prices firm on reduced LNG supply

Send-out from LNG import terminals remains low but will likely pick-up ahead of the arrival of the Umm Slal tanker.

Gas tankers looking for a better deal

The LNG tanker Provalys heading for Chile last month sailed around South America instead of taking a shortcut through the expanded Panama Canal.


Australia risks missing next LNG wave

Clyde Russell asks whether the arrival of the last major piece of kit in Australia's US$180 billion LNG spree is a cause for celebration or for a wake?


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API welcomes decision to reject challenges to Freeport LNG exports

API has welcomed the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to reject arguments that oppose the DoE’s LNG export authorisation issued to the Freeport LNG terminal, and affirm a reasonable permitting process for extra LNG export facilities across the US.


Santos to redirect gas to South Australian economy

Santos has announced that it has signed an agreement with ENGIE for the provision of gas to the Pelican Point Power Station, which will help to support South Australia’s energy requirements.


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