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Special reports

The future is electric

Jennifer Adams, Siemens, USA, introduces the concept of all-electric LNG, which can provide greater control of LNG-plants, as well as lower OPEX and lower emissions.


The economical choice

WT Cutts, American Tank & Vessel, Inc., and Eric Reaman, Cashman Preload Cryogenics, USA, explain why full containment LNG storage tanks should be the preferred choice for plant operators over single or double containment alternatives.


A quest for balance

Ole R. Hvalbye, Rystad Energy, Norway, provides a detailed analysis of the latest trends in the US LNG industry.


Alaska LNG: an update

Leslie C. Krusen, Alaska Gasline Development Corp., USA, provides an update on the status of the Alaska LNG project, outlining some of the challenges faced and innovative technologies employed.


Polyisocyanurate vs. cellular glass

Johns Manville looks at the differences between polyisocyanurate (PIR) and cellular glass insulations and discusses which one is better for LNG pipe insulation applications.


A polar adventure

Alexandre Tocatlian and Eric Minaux, GTT, France, provide detailed insight into how the company helped make the first polar exploration vessel powered by LNG possible.


The May issue of LNG Industry is online

The May issue includes a regional report on the Mediterranean, as well as a number of technical articles on topics such as shipping, coatings and protection, cruise shipping, tugs and towage, and LNG as a marine fuel.


Building on experience

Jippe van Eijnatten, Titan LNG, the Netherlands, reviews how LNG bunkering has advanced from truck-to-ship to ship-to-ship operations and how the sector continues to evolve to meet new challenges.


Shaking up the market

Andreas Silcher and Chrysa Kitsou, Haynes and Boone CDG, LLP, UK, take a detailed look at the Mediterranean LNG market.