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Special reports

Grasping the potential

Kjell Ove Ulstein and Per Helge Madsen, Wärtsilä Gas Solutions AS, Norway, review the latest trends occurring in the LNG regasification sector and some of the new regasification technologies and supporting systems currently available and in development for FSRU conversions.


Up 10 in the first 12

Mark Jones, Stellar Energy, USA, addresses how to navigate growth plans in an uncertain market, with quick capacity an essential requirement.


Clamp on and stay cool

Carolina Stopkoski, FLEXIM AMERICAS Corporation, USA, and Jörg Sacher, FLEXIM GmbH, Germany, detail the challenges and advantages of non-invasive LNG flow measurement with clamp-on ultrasonic technology.


Out with the old

Cameron Murray, Arnlea, UK, outlines how LNG operators can implement digital transformation, considering asset management issues and hazardous inspections.


LNG Industry Spotlight with Watlow

LNG Industry Editor, Lydia Woellwarth, sat down with Dennis Long, Director of Global Marketing, Energy and Environmental Technologies at Watlow to discuss Watlow’s recent article in LNG Industry.


Brains not brawn

Teijo Karna, ABB Motion, Finland, explains how a new generation of wireless smart sensors for hazardous areas is bringing the benefits of condition monitoring to the LNG industry.


Tackle trials with training

Philipp von Breitenbuch and Feras Alhothali, Linde Engineering, Germany, explain how the brain drain and the COVID-19 pandemic are shining the spotlight on the possibilities of virtual reality training, especially in the LNG and NGL industry.


Don’t let the cold catch you out

Matt Byers, Baker Hughes, USA, outlines the engineering best practices used today to optimise the design of pressure relief valves operating under cryogenic conditions.