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LNG import news


QuantCube introduces LNG Commodity Trade Indicator

By tracking the import and export in volume of LNG, the indicator provides supply side commodity and energy futures traders with crucial insights at least one month in advance of official data.


Viva Energy progresses with gas terminal project

Viva Energy has entered into commercial agreements with GeelongPort for the construction and provision of necessary infrastructure for the proposed gas terminal in the Port of Geelong, Australia.


EIA: global trade in LNG grew by 4.5% in 2021

An average of 49.0 billion ft3/d of LNG was traded globally during 2021, an increase of 2.2 billion ft3/d from 2020, according to The LNG Industry GIIGNL Annual Report 2022.


Auctions concluded at OLT Offshore LNG Toscana

The auctions were for the allocation of the continuous regasification capacity, in relation to multi-year allocation processes with expression of interest, concerning gas year from 2022/2023 to gas year 2032/2033.


Adriatic LNG starts auction for Open Season 2022

Adriatic LNG kicks off the auction for operators interested in importing long-term LNG in Europe, with an overall LNG regasification capacity of approximately 147 billion m3 for the next 25 years.