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Kobelco Compressors America Inc.

Kobelco is a global, diversified industrial corporation with annual revenues in excess of US$20 billion. Established in 1905, Kobelco is based in Tokyo, Japan, with manufacturing, sales and support locations worldwide. The company operates in three main business sectors: steel and iron, aluminium and copper and machinery. Kobelco's Compressor Division is a major business unit within the Machinery Sector.

Kobelco began manufacturing compressors in 1915 and remains Japan’s oldest compressor company. Today, the company operates worldwide and is a leader in compressor technology, engineering and innovation.

Kobelco provides both process gas and standard air compressors.

The company is unique in that it provides all three major types of gas compressors: rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal. As a result, Kobelco has the ability to engineer the best possible compressor solution for each application. For customers, the results are optimum performance and lowest overall costs of ownership.