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Nanjing adds Golden Dragon LNG buses to public transport

LNG Industry,

Nanjing Yangzi Public Transport Co., Ltd., the major public transport operator in Jiangbei, Nanjing, has added 150 new Golden Dragon LNG Kaige buses to its fleet.

The new buses service routes across the Yangtze River, providing citizens with a more environmentally friendly method of everyday transport.

Ge Weifen, Deputy General Manager of Nanjing Yangzi Public Transport, explained that the new 12 m Kaige LNG buses not only satisfy the local bus route conditions, but also help the company gain further experience for future development of public transport in the area.

She added: "Many citizens work in the downtown of the city and some even in Jiangning Dist[rict]. Due to the limited bus routes and only a handful of seats on the bus, the buses travelling between Jiangning and downtown areas are always extremely crowded during the rush hour. The customised bus route ensures that every passenger has a seat and cuts the bus stops to the minimum, thus providing more comfortable and efficient traveling experience for local citizens."

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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