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Port of Rotterdam holds meetings on LNG Masterplan

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Recently, the Port of Rotterdam invited LNG industry specialists to two LNG Masterplan meetings. The LNG Masterplan is a platform for LNG authorities and industries to cooperate, with the ultimate goal of a more organised framework and the promotion of LNG as both a cargo and a fuel for inland shipping. At the first meeting, safety was discussed, whereas, at the second, strategy was discussed. Additionally, both meetings facilitated the discussion of the remaining blockades to LNG being used as a fuel.

Roland van Assche, the Director of Oil, Storage, Refinery and Shipping at the Port of Rotterdam, said: “At this stage of the life cycle, the switch to LNG should not only be encouraged, it should also be rewarded.”

Mark Bell, the General Manager of Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel, said: “There is a dash for gas. Gas is becoming more and more popular as a fuel. A lot of industries are switching to gas because of the price attractiveness. But, we have to be aware of what the public thinks. We have to educate the general public on the safety of LNG vessels. That is a challenge since track records don’t go back too long.”

Matthé Bakker, the Head of Solutions Netherlands at DNV GL, said: “The lack of harmonisation does create confusion. Rules can be interpreted in various ways.”

Manfred Seitz, the LNG Masterplan Coordinator at Pro Danube Management GmbH, said: “We are in a dialogue with the EU about needed funding. They do see the need and the urgency. It is clear, LNG is the most promising fuel for inland navigation.”

Edited from various sources by David Rowlands

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