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Dresser-Rand receives order for two LNGo systems

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Dresser-Rand, within Siemens Power and Gas, has recently received an order from Elizabethtown Gas, which is a subsidiary of AGL Resources based in Elizabeth, New Jersey, US, for two LNGo natural gas liquefaction systems. The systems will be capable of producing approximately 13 500 gal./d of LNG.

LNGo is a modularised, portable liquefaction plant, which is designed to provide on-site liquefaction services. It consists of a power module, a compressor module, a process module, and a conditioning module. LNGo natural gas conversion plants also make possible the small scale distribution of LNG, eliminating the need for expensive, long-distance trucking from centralised plants to LNG-fuelling depots.

The Executive Vice President of Global Solutions of Dresser-Rand, Judy Marks, said: “We are delighted to be working with Elizabethtown Gas to build and commission this distributed LNG plant for a peak shaving application.

“Driven by rapidly expanding global natural gas development and continued price differentials between natural gas and oil, we believe that the market for distributed, small scale LNG production plants will grow from early adopters in North America to a broad, robust market for users around the world.”

Brian MacLean, the President of Elizabethtown Gas, said: “For several months, we have worked closely with the Dresser-Rand business to evaluate their LNGo natural gas liquefaction technology.

“We are convinced this technology offers a strong and reliable solution for our specific application and will enable us to liquefy natural gas on-site which can then be stored for future use. By doing so, we will avoid dramatically higher prices for the spot purchases of LNG to meet peak demand requirements.”Elizabethtown Gas currently delivers natural gas to approximately 281 000 residential, business and industrial customers in New Jersey.

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