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GLMRI awarded grant to continue LNG research

LNG Industry,

The Great Lake Maritime Research Institute (GLMRI) has been awarded US$ 400,000 to continue their research and outreach on using LNG as an alternative fuel.

The US Maritime Administration (MARAD) under the Department of Transportation provided the funding for the research program. Under a cooperative agreement between the two agencies, MARAD extended the on-going work that GLMRI has been doing since 2011 to continue working to research the use of LNG for marine vessels on the Great Lakes and the region, and to further research the supply chain for LNG.

On 18 September, Dr. Richard Stewart, Co-Director of GLMRI, Carol Wolosz, Executive Director and Cassandra Roemhildt, Research Associate, had an initial meeting at the University of Wisconsin-Superior with Daniel Yuska from MARAD to discuss the focus of the work.

In May 2014, GLMRI held its third annual meeting to discuss the LNG potential for the Great Lakes region. Experts discussed LNG uses and safety, along with their experiences as current users. Speakers also addressed the potential benefits of using LNG, with a focus on "greening the supply chain".

Attendees included potential LNG fuel users from the mining, agricultural, trucking, rail and maritime sectors along with LNG equipment and LNG development companies. City, state and federal representatives from the Great Lakes region, together with fire marshals and first responders also participated.

GLMRI will continue to work with industry, governmental agencies and potential users to extend the LNG supply chain and research potential sites and methods on providing LNG to the maritime industry and other potential users. GLMRI will work to support educational workshops over the coming year, to provide informational sessions on the use and potential economic and environmental benefits associated with fuelling with LNG.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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