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Greenville and Cryo Pur to build Northern Ireland’s first bio-LNG plant

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Greenville Energy Ltd and Cryo Pur – an equipment supplier based in Palaiseau, France – have announced that they will build Northern Ireland’s first bio-LNG plant. Greenville Energy currently produces biogas from waste from Greenville Dairies (the family’s dairy farm) and from food manufacturers and food retailers. This is then used to generate heat and power for the farm, with excess power exported onto the national electrical grid.

This new project will allow for the cost of biomethane storage to be reduced. The company will also be able to supply industrial sites with the fuel to help meet energy demand and reduce carbon footprint.

The CEO of Greenville Energy, Jason Mitchell, said: “As a pioneer in the British biogas industry, we’ve been actively looking for a way to efficiently produce and distribute more renewable energy. After a comprehensive analysis of available technical solutions, we opted for the production of liquefied biomethane.”

Cryo Pur will both purify and liquefy biomethane by using a single, energy efficient process. Firstly, biogas is upgraded to biomethane by separating the CO2 (which is itself liquefied and sold). Then, the biomethane is liquefied, stored and transported via truck.

The Greenville project will produce 3 tpd of bio-LNG, or 10 GWh/yr of storable and transportable energy.

The CEO of Cryo Pur, Denis Clodic, said: “After the validation of Cryo Pur’s technology with our demo plant at Valenton Waste Water Treatment Plant in France, signing the first commercial contract with Greenville Energy Ltd is for us the validation of our strategy to cost-effectively build integrated bio-LNG production units, with a great potential in the UK and Ireland markets.”

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