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Bernhard Schulte Managing Director claims LNG is here to stay

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Speaking at the Gastech conference in Singapore, Angus Campbell, the Managing Director of Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement UK (BSM), said: “Independent industry predictions indicate that the use of LNG as a bunker fuel offers opportunities for early movers to secure a market leading position ashore and afloat, and global LNG-fuelling will become a mainstream option.”

Campbell went on to say: “Wind gave way to coal and coal in its turn gave way to oil. The move from oil to natural gas is simply the next progression in the evolution of maritime transportation.”

Campbell, however, addressed some of the new challenges that would present themselves in LNG bunkering, claiming: “These are some of the factors that have driven BSM, working in partnership with BMT Triton and Babcock LGE, to develop its own unique Gas Fuel Supply Vessel design, which will support LNG-fuelled ships and the delivery of gas to small onshore facilities and large off-pipe consumers.”

Campbell emphasised the impact of new emissions regulations, as well as the efficiency of LNG-fuelled shipping, saying that this was making LNG an increasingly attractive option. In addition to this, Campbell said: “Distillate fuels are expensive and there is a likelihood that the price will increase due to demand as emission regulations are enforced in multiple areas […] Scrubbers may seem a simple alternative but the cost benefit calculation is actually very complex – with no guarantees that this will be accepted as a long term method of emission reduction.

“LNG will be with us for a very long time – with over 200 years supply in the ground it is sustainable, meets current and planned emission limits and, as it is a clean fuel, offers maintenance cost improvements.”

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