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DESFA receives LNG tank approval

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DESFA has announced that it has received construction approval for a third LNG tank for the LNG terminal in Revythoussa, Greece.

The LNG tank will form part of the second upgrade of the LNG terminal.

DESFA’s Chief Executive Officer, Konstantinos Ksifaras, said: "The issuance of the Construction Approval for the third Tank coincides with a very critical period for the European energy security supply. The unhindered implementation of the project for the second upgrade of Revythoussa, which is expected to be completed within 2016 and is going to increase the facility's storage capacity by 73%, will, also, allow the import of LNG from more users and will contribute to the increase of the LNG storage period within the facility for more than 18 days that is valid today, has been safeguarded".

As part of the second upgrade of the LNG terminal, the gasification rate will increase by 40% and the port facilities will be upgraded to enable the berth of bigger vessels up to 260 000 m3. The metering station at the entry point of Aghia Triada will also be upgraded.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has authorised a grant of €80 million for the LNG terminal upgrades. The upgrade work will help to increase supply security and it will also enable more NNGS users to import LNG.

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