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JAPEX uses Aconex to manage LNG construction

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Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. Ltd (JAPEX) is now using Aconex Ltd’s cloud collaboration platform, designed specifically for the construction industry, to manage construction of its first LNG terminal.

Soma LNG project

The estimated total value of the project is US$500 million, and the three-year delivery schedule is fast in comparison to other LNG terminal projects.

Project deliverables consist of a cargo ship berth, a large storage tank and a connecting pipeline for LNG. The Soma LNG terminal will store and vaporise LNG, which will be offloaded from large tankers, docked in Soma Port. The 40 km pipeline will transfer vaporised gas from the terminal in Soma Port to a main trunk pipeline, the JAPEX Niigata-Sendai Pipeline.

Plans for the terminal also include measures to protect all facilities from the effects of earthquakes and tsunamis.

JAPEX opted for Aconex because its technology is able to process documents, correspondences and workflows in Japanese, thus making it a suitable platform.

Moreover, Aconex centralises all project information and processes on a single, neutral platform, in the cloud. Therefore, JAPEX can be certain that all participants have access to and work from the most up-to-date versions of documents, whilst also being bale to easily retrieve prior versions for reference.

Boost in efficiency and lower costs

“With Aconex, we’ve noticed a big boost in efficiency, which results in lower costs,” said Wataru Maeda, General Manager of the LNG Terminal Construction Department for the Soma Project at JAPEX. “Document searches are fast and easy, and we have evidence that everyone is on track with their portions of the project. All of this adds up to significant time and cost savings.” 

“The Soma LNG terminal is one of the most complex and ambitious oil and gas projects currently underway in Japan,” said Andy Lake, General Manager of Asia at Aconex. “We’re pleased to be able to support JAPEX and its project partners with a project-wide collaboration platform that delivers so much more value than a traditional electronic document management system. The platform’s availability in Japanese, combined with our strong team in Japan, makes us particularly effective in meeting the requirements of this challenging project. JAPEX is taking a significant step forward in the development, production and distribution of clean energy around the world.”

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