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SAACKE Marine Systems supplies units for LNG tankers

LNG Industry,

As part of an order received by Imabari Shipbuilding Company for two LNG tankers, SAACKE Marine Systems will supply an integrated system consisting of a Gas Combustion Unit (GCU), with a capacity of 3.5 tph, and a SSB-LCG burner for gases with fluctuating heat values.

All the GCU components were designed to be compact enough to allow the entire plant to fit into the funnel area. The LNG tankers, with a capacity of 178.000 m3, will be operated by the Spanish shipping company Elcano in order to supply gas to Europe.

International experience

"As the first developer of GCUs, SAACKE has the relevant know-how and extensive experience in implementing international projects of this scale. This is why the customer, Imabari Shipbuilding, decided on our solution", explained Peter Breidenich, Director Business Unit Marine Systems.

Gas Combustion Units enable the safe transportation of LNG by sea by completely burning off the boil-off gas, which forms in the gas tanks during the voyage and which cannot be used, in an environmentally friendly manner.

Boil-off gas

The complete combustion of boil-off gas also removes hydrocarbons from the flue gases. Cooling takes place by adding dilution air, as the temperature of the discharged gases will not exceed 450 °C, in order to minimise the risk of explosion. The availability and function of the entire GCU also ensures a high redundancy in the plant.

The plant's outer shell is manufactured by SAACKE's specialised Chinese production location in Qingdao, while the burners, controls, gas trains and pre- and post-combustion chamber will be designed and produced at the head office in Bremen.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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