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LNG facility regulation enacted

LNG Industry,

The B.C. Oil and Gas Commission announced last week that it had enacted the new Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Regulation (LNGFR) under the authority of the Oil and Gas Activities Act.

The LNGFR is a technical regulation designed to comprehensively address regulatory aspects associated with proposed small and large-scale LNG facilities.

Included in the regulation are rules around the permit application process, engineering design requirements, hazard analysis, safety and loss management programs, risk assessment, emergency planning and response, flaring limits and noise and light control.

The new regulation updates the LNG-related provisions previously in the Pipeline and Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Regulation (now the Pipeline Regulation). Its development included a review of national and international codes, standards and best practices. Engagement took place during the drafting phase with industry, First Nations, provincial and federal government agencies and other organisations.

The LNGFR is available on the Commission’s website here. A LNGFR guideline is also available and can be found here.

Adapted from press release by Ted Monroe

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