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Alaskan Governor claims the Alaska LNG project is a ‘must-have’

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Alaskan Governor, Bill Walker, has called the stage legislature into session on 24 October 2015 in Juneau, Alaska, US in order to discuss issues concerning the Alaska LNG project – an 800 mile LNG pipeline stretching across Alaska. Walker feels that it is essential that Alaska buys TransCanada’s share of the Alaska LNG project. Walker also aims to change the legislation, so that any single shareholder of the project cannot delay its progression.

This follows Walker’s week-long trip to Japan, in which he met with several Japanese LNG business leaders and government officials.

In a recent special release, Walker said: "With a US$3.5 billion budget deficit, this gas line project has gone from a wish-list item to a must-have.

"It is time to make the necessary legislative changes so a single party cannot delay the production of Alaska's natural gas resources and sway our destiny.

"For far too long, Alaska's gas has been treated like milk with no expiration date, and it never gets to the front of the cooler.

"Without this insurance policy, Alaska runs the significant risk of never monetising our gas resources for the benefit of all Alaskans and future generations.

"This legislation will vastly improve the probability of an Alaska gas line being built.

"It ensures that, if one or more producers delay construction of the gas line, Alaska still receives critical tax revenues from our natural gas resources. But only if we have the political will and courage to do so.”

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