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Excelerate FLSOs to be subject to waterfront regulations

LNG Industry,

The US Coast Guard has determined that the Excelerate Energy Floating Liquefaction Storage and Offloading Units (FLSOs) proposed for the Lavaca Bay LNG export terminal, Texas, US, will be subject to regulations that befit waterfront facilities.

Following Excelerate’s application last month to construct and operate the FLSOs, the Coast Guard stated in a letter that the FLSOs, to be used in LNG operations, would not be subject to marine rules.

“As the FLSO may be considered to be substantially a land structure on the water, you may need to apply for an appropriate permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers,” the letter stated.

As the vessels will be undertaking LNG transfer, they qualify for waterfront facility regulations, the letter stated: “In addition, since the FLSO will be engaging in the transfer of LNG as a facility, it will be subject to the waterfront facility regulations. You may also be required to comply with the appropriate local building codes or other standards as may be stipulated by the state or local government.”

Situated along the coast south of Point Comfort, Texas, the facility will comprise of a permanently moored floating liquefaction storage and offloading (FLSO) unit with a productiom capacity of 4.4 million tpa and 250 000 m³ of LNG storage, and a fully integrated, on-shore gas processing plant.


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