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Videotel offers LNG training courses

LNG Industry,

Videotel now offers an extensive portfolio of training for the LNG sector. Working with experts across the globe including BP Shipping, Shell, Maersk and SIGTTO, it has created a comprehensive package of training covering the essentials required when operating in the liquefied natural gas market.

Evolving LNG market

Nigel Cleave, CEO of Videotel Marine International, commented: “Twice as many LNG carriers are operating today compared with five years ago, leading to a growing demand for quality training in the sector. With an evolving market and constantly developing new technologies even those familiar with the sector face new challenges.

“Most projections are that cargo volumes will almost double by 2020 from today’s level of around 250 million t. This new landscape will call for a whole new skills set, and with its extensive experience of working with industry and regulatory bodies, Videotel is the best placed to service those needs.”

Tanker courses

The first training offered is the Videotel Tanker Familiarisation Distance Learning Course. From there, candidates are then invited to select from a number of courses to further develop their knowledge and skills.

The Liquefied Gas Tanker Safety Training Course provides both trainees and officers experienced in other sectors with tanker-specific technical knowledge to serve on an LNG carrier, and to be assigned specific duties relating to cargo or cargo equipment.

LNG training course

The LNG Training Course provides the competency knowledge required by officers serving on LNG tankers in accordance with the Competence Standards developed by SIGGTO. The course provides knowledge required to achieve the appropriate level of competence according to the rank of user, and may also be used to gain knowledge required by higher ranks should the officer wish to gain promotion.

Following on from these core programmes, Videotel offers a range of other LNG courses designed to deal with the specific requirements of the industry.

Learning methods

Courses are delivered in a variety of methods – DVD, Videotel on Demand (VOD), VOD online and eLearning Computer Based Training (CBT) – to suit the demands of the subject and the nature of the competencies that need to be attained.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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