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Alaskan Governor concludes meetings on LNG in Japan

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The Alaskan Governor, Bill Walker, has concluded his meetings in Japan regarding the potential for the Japanese LNG market to grow. On the tour, Walker spoke with numerous government and business officials in various meetings and conferences. Walker remarked: “It was so exciting to see how Osaka’s LNG terminal works […] We have been shipping LNG to Japan since 1969. I look forward to sending more shipments of Alaska LNG to Japan’s shores.”

Walker met with numerous government and business officials on his tour, including the Executive Managing Director and General Manager of Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO) and Prefecture Governor, Toshizo Ido. The latter thanked him for the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that was signed in Kyoto, claiming: “The populous Hyogo prefecture, which includes the city of Kobe, will benefit from the MoU you signed with our neighbours in Kyoto […] We all look forward to seeing your LNG project completed, as the residents of Hyogo and Japan will be able to receive LNG more quickly from Alaska than we currently do from Middle Eastern countries like Qatar.”

The tour was successful in strengthening connections between the US and Japanese markets, with Walker stating: “This was a very productive, very successful week in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto […] Korea and Japan are the two largest consumers of LNG in the world. Alaska has more than enough natural gas to supply the market and, in turn, satisfy in-state demand so Alaskans can pay less for energy. I look forward to deepening the relationships we established this week as Alaska works with our East Asian neighbours on a mutually beneficial trade relationship.”

Edited from various sources by David Rowlands

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