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Cove Project update

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission authorised Dominion Energy Cove Point LNG, LP1 to construct and operate certain facilities that comprise the Cove Point Liquefaction Project.

Update particulars below.

Maryland construction status

  • Continued use of Offsite Areas as laydown, offsite fabrication, and parking/offices, including maintenance of E&S controls at Offsite Area A (OAA).
  • Installation of heat shields on South Ground Flare runners, wall supports, and aggregate.
  • Installation of ethane/propane pumps in refrigerant storage area.
  • Installation of the 5 remaining ACHE in the main liquefaction pipe rack.
  • Setting of sump pumps in LNG sump.
  • Insulation of the propane suction drums and receiver.
  • Installation of fire and gas detection system, temporary fence, and lighting in Power Block.
  • Installation of instruments in STG area.
  • Installation of firefighting (CO2) and cooling water instrumentation for north and south GTs.
  • Instruments and tubing for GT north and south lube oil system and inlet filter house.
  • Installation of structure over amine sump, truck unloading area and installation of structure at south jetty platform.
  • Support steel for STG duct work.
  • Completion of the fire water system in Power Block.
  • Installation of cooling water piping for the south GT Helper Motor.
  • Commissioning activities have been completed for the following systems: first fire auxiliary boiler; aqualaze cleaning of the ACC collection headers, ducts, and condensate piping; DCS loop checks auxiliary boilers and associated equipment.
  • ACC cooling fan pitching to vendor recommendation with follow-up test runs.
  • Checkout and commissioning of the Emergency Diesel Generator.
  • Installation of steam blow piping and silencers.
  • Nitrogen stripper and stabilizer dress out.
  • Installation of the rails for the cleaning system on the ACC.
  • Installation of the STG Ductwork Sections.
  • Fire proofing of level 3 and 4 in the main liquefaction pipe rack.
  • Fire water system in liquefaction and pre-treatment.
  • North/south and east/west pipe racks- mixed refrigerant, propane, natural gas, flare, and utilities.
  • Pipe testing is ongoing for mixed refrigerant, propane, and natural gas services.
  • North/south rack- Natural gas, flare, and utilities.
  • Pipe testing is ongoing for Natural gas, flare, and utilities.
  • Gas turbine buildings - propane, mixed refrigerant, and utilities.
  • Pipe testing is ongoing for mixed refrigerant, propane, and utility services. Air slows and cleaning of the propane and MR piping in the north gas turbine building.
  • South flare- Nitrogen piping
  • South Jetty- LNG

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