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Ryder’s natural gas fleet surpasses 20 million miles

LNG Industry,

Ryder System Inc. has achieved a significant milestone with its fleet of over 500 natural gas vehicles (NGVs) surpassing 20 million miles.

The 500-strong fleet consists of LNG and CNG tractors, which serve over 40 customer operations in California, New York, Texas, Arizona, Michigan, Utah, Georgia and Louisiana.

NGV program

Since implementing its NGV program in 2011, Ryder has replaced approximately 3.1 million gallons of diesel fuel with natural gas, and reduced emissions by more than 550 000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Ryder CEO, Robert Sanchez, commented: “This latest milestone reinforces Ryder’s continued leadership in commercial natural gas vehicle solutions and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to assist companies who seek alternatives to reduce fuel costs, carbon output, and meet their environmental objectives.

Domestic energy source

“As a provider of full service lease, commercial rental, and dedicated transportation services, our business model puts us in a unique position to enable more fleets to convert to natural gas and realise the benefits of this cost-effective, clean, and domestic energy source.

“We are proud to make investments in alternative fuel solutions, which will further support the wider adoption of natural gas vehicles for commercial transportation. We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of the marketplace and developing the solutions that will help drive the industry forward.”

Golden Eagle Distributors

Golden Eagle Distributors has worked with Ryder to convert its delivery fleet of 23 vehicles to compressed natural gas in 2011.

Commenting on the partnership, Golden Eagle’s Bill Osteen said: “Ryder has been our strategic transportation partner for 40 years and has helped us find an alternative fuel (CNG) that is not only cleaner and better for the environment, but that also enabled us to achieve overall transportation cost savings.

“After four decades of working with Ryder as our transportation partner, we knew we could trust their team to select and maintain the right kind of CNG vehicles to meet the needs of our drivers and the loads we carry daily.”

Fuelling stations

In 2013, Ryder opened the first natural gas fuelling stations in its North American network to serve both the general public and Ryder lease and rental customers.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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