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LNG station for Georgia

LNG Industry,

Blu. LNG (liquefied natural gas) has opened a fuelling station in Georgia. The station is one of the first to be opened in the Atlanta area, and allows companies in the region to fuel heavy-duty trucks with LNG.

“We see big things ahead,” said Ben Hames, deputy CEO in the Georgia Governor’s Office. “The Southeastern hub is in place, and the network build-out has begun.”

The company’s Southeastern network includes stations under construction in Tennessee, Alabama and Arkansas. The network will help companies to reduce fuelling costs, as well as helping the US become more energy independent.

Cost benefits

“There’s lots of win-win situations going on here,” commented Don Francis, Clean Cities-Atlanta coordinator. “It will significantly impact economic development as we keep the money in the United States rather than sending it overseas.”

The cost and environmental benefits of LNG make the fuel an attractive option for companies and communities alike.

“This is a great example of what public-private partnerships look like,” Francis added. “You get the local government, you get the state government, you get the fleets like FedEx and Coca Cola involved in moving towards alternative fuels. It’s important because these are domestically sourced fuels, they are less expensive than diesel or gasoline, and more importantly, they’re clean and they’re ours.”

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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