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Clean Air Power welcomes Gasrec’s Bio-LNG station

LNG Industry,

Clean Air Power, the developer in dual-fuel engine management software for heavy duty vehicles, has welcomed Gasrec’s announcement of the launch of the UK’s first open access Bio-LNG filling station in Daventry.

The management of Clean Air Power consider the opening to be an important milestone in the development of a nationwide natural gas refuelling network that will help drive the uptake of heavy-duty natural gas and dual-fuel engines in the UK. Gasrec has already committed to an investment programme to establish the first national network of refuelling stations for Bio-LNG, a blend of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquid biomethane (LBM), planned to be operational by 2015.

Investment in natural gas refuelling infrastructure by major gas suppliers and multi-location logistics organisations is increasing across Europe and North America. This is in response to the growing availability of natural gas and to rising demand for LNG and dual-fuel heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) from fleet operators, such as Sainsbury’s in the UK, who recognise the significant fuel cost and emissions reduction benefits they offer.

Clean Air Power is at the forefront of this worldwide trend towards the adoption of natural gas as a road fuel for HGVs. The company’s Dual-Fuel™ system and engine management software enable HGVs to run primarily on natural gas without sacrificing any of the performance or reliability characteristics of a normal diesel engine. If the natural gas supply runs out, the Dual-Fuel™ system can switch to operate on 100% diesel, giving complete diesel operational back-up.

John Pettitt, Chief Executive of Clean Air Power said: “The launch of Britain’s first open access Bio-LNG filling station by Gasrec represents a breakthrough for the LNG vehicle industry in the UK and demonstrates the growing importance of natural gas as a road fuel in the UK and around the world. The adoption of natural gas vehicles is accelerating worldwide driven by cost savings, reductions in emissions and the expansion of refuelling infrastructure as the major gas supply companies, such as Gasrec, increasingly look to invest significant capital in new fuelling stations. All of these factors are contributing to the growing trend towards the adoption of natural gas as a road fuel and, as the leading supplier of dual-fuel technology, Clean Air Power is well positioned to benefit.”

Adapted from press release by Callum O’Reilly

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