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Port of Civitavecchia sees first LNG bunkering

LNG Industry,

The Port of Civitavecchia has granted the fist LNG bunkering operation permit, marking the first time an Italian port has given permission for LNG truck to ship (TTS) bunkering.

After bunkering MT Borogy, the world first LNG-powered tug in Zeebrugge, the world’s second LNG-powered sea going tug, M/T Bokn of Buksér og Berging AS, was recently bunkered by LNGEurope at the Port of Civitavecchia in Rome making the Italian port the first to perform TTS bunkering of LNG to a seagoing vessel within an Italian coastal port or any port in Italy.

M/T Bokn is the second identical tug ordered by the Norwegian Buksér og Berging AS at the Sanmar Shipyard in Turkey. In order to arrive at her destination, Karsto in Norway, M/T Bokn first bunkers in Italy, Spain and Belgium. At Karsto M/T Bokn will serve a long-term contract for Statoil. To fuel up on LNG for her maiden trip, the ship will be calling at the ports of Civitavecchia, Cartagena, Vigo and Zeebrugge. The bunkering activity in both Civitavecchia and Zeebrugge will be executed by LNGEurope.

The LNG-fuelling operation was executed by one of LNGEurope’s trailers. The trailer is positioned alongside the ship and connected to the ship’s fuel tank. TTS bunkering of LNG has been proven to be easy, flexible, safe and cost effective.

Strict emissions regulations have entered the maritime sector, which has resulted in significant interest in LNG as a maritime fuel. The M/T Bokn emits nearly 30% less CO2 and up to 90% less NOx than conventional ships. Noise is reduced by 70%. Smoke, soot and particulate matter are not emitted at all.

This first TTS bunkering at Civitavecchia was prepared and planned in cooperation with the Civitavecchia Port Authority, the Harbor Master, the Fire Fighting Department, ConferenzaGNL, Wilhelmsen Ships Agency – Genova Head Office.


Calogero Giuseppe Burgio, Environmental & Technological Development Division, Director of Port of Civitavecchia, said: “This LNG bunkering operation is of the greatest importance to the port of Civitavecchia. Firstly, we show that we are in the forefront of developments and secondly we are proud to have the first LNG TTS bunkering in Italy.”

Paolo D’Ermo, Program Manager, ConferenzaGNL, said: “This bunkering operation is of great significance to Italy. It shows that the LNG as a ship fuel is a safe and sustainable solution that is gaining international importance. ConferenzaGNL will give the proper visibility within the Italian stakeholders to this historical step in the LNG use for maritime transport in Italy. This operation will help us address the acceptance issues related to the use of LNG for transport during the activity of the ConferenzaGNL Project 2014 - 2015 .”

Koos Blaazer, General Manager of LNGEurope b.v., said: “This successful bunkering operation confirms the belief of LNGEurope that these safe bunkering operations will become routine for a steadily growing fleet of LNG-fuelled ships, not only in Civitavecchia, but worldwide.”

Adapted from press release by Ted Monroe

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