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GLE launches LNG services inventory

LNG Industry,

Gas LNG Europe (GLE) has launched the LNG New Services Inventory with a focus on small scale liquefied natural gas projects. The inventory provides an overview of the new services offered by GLE members to meet market demands.

GLE President, Wim Groenendijk, commented: “A new market for natural gas is rapidly growing with significant potential for reducing emissions. LNG is reaching markets previously inaccessible to pipeline gas: as a fuel for heavy transport and for communities in off-grid locations.”

The services shown in the GLE LNG New Services Inventory include:

  • Reloading: the transfer of LNG from the LNG reservoirs of the terminal into a vessel;
  • Transhipment: the direct transfer of LNG from one vessel into another;
  • Loading of bunkering ships: the loading of LNG on bunkering ships which transport LNG in smaller quantities;
  • Truck loading: the loading of LNG on tank trucks which transport LNG in smaller quantities;
  • Rail loading: the loading of LNG on railcars.

Most of these services are already provided at terminals across Europe, or are under development, with the exception of rail loading, which is not offered yet in Europe but could be a future option.

The GLE inventory shows the minimum ship size, the hourly capacity and use of these services in the past. The data are presented per terminal of the GLE members. It is part of the European small scale LNG infrastructure map that will be launched by GLE in the next few weeks.

Groenendijk added: “This is the first issue of the GLE LNG New Services Inventory, and will be further improved over time. We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement.”

The GLE LNG New Services Inventory can be accessed here.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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