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Gasum develops Nordic LNG infrastructure

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In recent discussions between the prime ministers of Finland and Estonia, the development of natural gas infrastructure in the Gulf of Finland was debated.

According to Gasum, it is a positive step that Finland and Estonia wish to develop the area's gas infrastructure, and the two countries have now reached an understanding about the locations of the LNG terminals.

Finnish energy market

LNG provides the opportunity to diversify the Finnish energy market. A terminal is required in Southern Finland to improve customer access to LNG in the area. The schedule, final location and investment scale of the terminal project depend on the development of the market in the area. To be realised, the project will also need sufficient financial support.

The Balticconnector pipeline to interconnect the Finnish and Estonian gas markets is a joint project between Gasum and the Estonian gas transmission system operator Võrguteenus.

Balticonnector pipeline

The prerequisites for the implementation of the Balticconnector pipeline project are the realisation of the LNG terminal project and progress made in the major gas infrastructure projects in the Baltics. Gasum and Võrguteenus have applied for EU support for the project design phase. According to current information, the final support decision will be made in the spring.

”Gasum will continue its work to achieve progress in the projects. To be realised, the projects will have to be commercially viable. This will require the development of the gas market in the Baltic Sea region and sufficient financial support for the projects,” commented Gasum CEO Johanna Lamminen.

Skangass LNG

Gasum will continue its work to develop the Nordic gas infrastructure in key growth areas in order to be able to offer competitive energy solutions to end users in industry, shipping and road transport. Skangass, a subsidiary of Gasum, opened an LNG terminal in Lysekil, Sweden, in October 2014. Skangass is also constructing an LNG terminal in Pori, Finland, and participating in plans for an LNG terminal in Tornio, Finland.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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