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LNG Blue Corridors reports opening of three stations

LNG Industry,

Three new LNG stations have been inaugurated in recent weeks as part of the LNG Blue Corridors project.


The first station is an ENI-operated facility, located in Piacenza in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. This station will enable the use of LNG as an alternative fuel for heavy-duty vehicles in Italy, and establishes one of the refuelling points planned along the Mediterranean corridor of the project.

This station has a tank with capacity of 60 m3. Logistics companies from Italy and Spain will use the Mediterranean corridor. Additional stations situated in Portugal, France and Slovenia will support the station in the coming months.


The second LNG refuelling station was inaugurated in Örebro, Sweden, as part of the South-North corridor. This corridor is the longest within the Blue Corridors project and is one of the most extensive routes in Europe, spanning over 4000 km across Sweden, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. Local fleet operators are already using this station, which can provide both LNG and CNG. The tank has a capacity to refuel up to 70 trucks.


Finally, a third refuelling station has opened in Kallo, Belgium, in the Port of Antwerp. This is the first LNG and CNG station in Belgium and has a total storage capacity of 70 m3. This strategically located facility will provide LNG to several heavy-duty vehicles, connecting key logistical countries within the European corridors.

The inaugurations of these three facilities are major steps forward within the LNG Blue Corridors project.

Image courtesy of LNG Blue Corridors.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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