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Eneco and AGA Gas AB to perform small scale LNG reloads at Gate Terminal

LNG Industry,

Eneco and AGA Gas AB have signed an agreement to reload small scale LNG vessels from the Gate terminal in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The LNG will be transported for use in small scale LNG market in Scandinavia.

LNG reloads

The Gate terminal has built additional facilities to allow small scale LNG vessels to berth at the terminal and load LNG. The first reload is expected to take place in September/October 2013; Anthony Veder will transport the LNG from the Gate terminal to AGA’s terminal in Nynäsham in Sweden, from there it will be distributed for use bin small-scale LNG applications.

Eneco is a 1 billion m3 capacity holder the Gate terminal and is planning on expanding its small scale LNG business in the next few years, while AGA is a leading small scale LNG and industrial gas company in Northern Europe. AGA owns the Nynäsham LNG terminal in Sweden, which can be used as an interim storage location before the LNG from the Gate terminal is distributed to end-users.

LNG as transport fuel

In 2015 a new sulfur emission regulation will come into force in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, which will effectively force maritime users to reduce their sulfur emisisons. It is expected that small scale LNG market will grow substantially as companies switch to LNG fuelled shipping in order seek to stay inside the emissions regulations.

Written by Peter Farrell.

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