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Hydraulic fracking enters LNG fuel market

LNG Industry,

Hydraulic fracturing is set to play an increasingly important role in LNG fuel. Its future role will be assessed at the LNG-Fuelled Hydraulic Fracking Seminar, set to take place on October 31st.

At present, there are 8000 pressure-pumping stations across North America. Additionally, 6 out of 11 fleets are currently using LNG for fracking.Zeus Intelligence LNG fuel expert, Siyu Chen, said that “for prospective LNG plant developers, the major fuel consumption and concentrated nature of fracking spreads make them ideal anchor customers.”

According to Randy Hull of Prometeus Energy, duel-fuel fracking spreads stand at between 6000 – 15 000 g/d of LNG. On average, 60% of diesel is displaced in a duel-fuel fracking spread. The transfer to a single converted fracking spread can save up to US$ 1.6 million per annum, according to inside reports.

As a result, LNG fuel plant developers are targeting this market. Chen observed that “fuel demand from drill and frack rigs is a key reason many plant developers like HEYCO, Linde, Encana, Noble and others are locating plants near oil and gas production basins”.

A typical plant will strive to produce between 100 000 – 300 000 g/d of LNG.

Edited from various sources by Ted Monroe

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