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Costain wins award for LNG article

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Costain’s Adam Jones, a Process Engineer in the Natural Resources Division based in Manchester, has won the Gas Processors Association (GPA) Europe’s 2013 Aungier Award for his paper on a new process for the production of LNG.

The paper, co-authored with Grant Johnson, FES Oil & Gas Manager at Costain, was published in the April 2014 issue of LNG Industry. It described the company’s innovative, patented modification of the dual-nitrogen expander process for producing LNG.

The technology increases the efficiency of the process and allows for a greater amount of LNG to be produced for a specific power consumption, ultimately resulting in increased revenues for the operator. The process is ideally suited to small scale onshore and floating LNG (FLNG) applications due to its advantages in safety, operability and reliability.

Adam Jones delivered the technical paper at the 30th Anniversary GPA Europe meeting in Edinburgh in September 2013, attended by 150 senior technical and managerial personnel from major operators and suppliers in the natural gas processing industry.

GPA Europe makes a discretionary annual award to the presenter of what is judged to be the best paper by a student or a young professional at one of four conferences during the year. The award is in memory of Bob Aungier, the founder chairman of the European Gas Processors and Suppliers Association (GPSA), and comes with a £1000 cash prize. 

Mr Jones said: “LNG is a fascinating area to be in because of the many technical and safety challenges which arise, in part, from the extreme low temperatures associated with LNG processing. There are also a lot of exciting developments taking place that really capture the imagination, like floating LNG, which is essentially taking a LNG production plant and putting it on the deck of a ship. This is a huge technical challenge but it also has enormous implications for the industry. LNG also has a key role to play in the global energy supply chain, not least in helping us keeping the lights on in the future.”

The GPA Committee will present Mr Jones with his award at their Annual Conference in Madrid on 17 – 19 September 2014.

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