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WesPac, CME to supply LNG

LNG Industry,

WesPac Midstream LLC has announced a partnership agreement with Clean Marine Energy LLC (CME), the global facilitator of finance mechanisms for LNG conversion and Emission Control Area (ECA) compliance. The partnership will ensure the supply and delivery of LNG to ship owners utilising CME’s Emissions Compliance Service Agreement (ECSA) to convert to cleaner fuelling.

The WesPac/CME integrated solution represents a significant step in the evolution of LNG as a marine fuel. The partnership is able to provide both the funding required for LNG conversion as well as the infrastructure for LNG supply and delivery. Conversion to LNG, while financing the up-front investment, provides the economic benefit of LNG-fuelling to ship owners without capital deployment, and ensures compliance with ECA regulations taking effect on 1 January 2015.

Pace Ralli, CEO and Co-Founder of CME, said: “The first question every ship owner asks is ‘Where will I get the LNG?’ because if they cannot ensure the future delivery of LNG then they will not see the investment payback. CME’s partnership with WesPac provides the answer to this question and greatly simplifies the decision to convert to clean, lower-cost LNG fuel.”

Window of opportunity

Ship owners have a window of opportunity to transport the US domestic shipping industry into a new era of low-emissions shipping. As partners in the emerging LNG fueling market, WesPac and CME aim to help reduce the barriers to LNG adoption and assist the early movers in the marine industry and other high horsepower industries, such as rail, mining and E&P. Funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. (Oaktree), a leading global investment manager, are supporting both WesPac’s LNG infrastructure projects and CME’s ship upgrade projects.

Adapted from press release by Ted Monroe

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