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APG launches dual-fuel series for high horsepower engines

LNG Industry,

American Power Group, Inc. (APG) will introduce its new S4000 Series Stationary Dual Fuel System at the High Horsepower (HHP) Summit.

The summit is taking place on October 7 - 9, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Lyle Jensen, American Power Group's Chief Executive Officer will participate in two HHP Summit panels, addressing APG's dual conversion solutions for drilling engines and high pressure pumping engine optimisation.

Maximise performance

The APG S4000 Series has been designed to maximise oil and gas field performance using a wider range of pipeline and conditioned well-head gas quality across the various shale basins in North America. Hardware upgrades include new engine anti-knock protection technology, upgraded display information as well as improvements to the durability of the hardware given the remote and difficult operating conditions many engines perform under. Software upgrades include telematics remote monitoring, auto-CanBus synchronization and upgraded variable fuel utilisation programs.

Ed Wolf, American Power Group's Director of Stationary Business Development commented: "Several well-known drilling service contractors have recently conducted side-by-side field performance evaluations between APG and other dual fuel solutions in order to baseline actual performance results versus claimed performance metrics.

“We have been very successful in these evaluations due to having the best price, best overall up-time, highest overall average displacement fuel savings and the best operational flexibility and adaptability in the field. APG's dual fuel design continues to be noted for its high up-time and ease of operation resulting in significant net savings at the lowest total cost of ownership.

"As we expand into other shale basins across North America, we are facing a wider energy range of natural gas quality. With our new S4000 variable fuel utilisation software, we are able to perform under more diverse conditions and maximise performance and improve economic payback for a larger number of oil and gas customers."

CEO comments

Lyle Jensen, American Power Group's CEO added: "The initial feedback on our S4000 performance in the field has been excellent with side by side evaluation testing demonstrating higher uptimes and higher overall average diesel displacement running 4% to 5% better than our competition.

“APG's ability to handle a wider quality range of pipeline and field gas will open up new regional markets like the Williston/Bakken basin, one of the fastest growing shale areas with approximately 200 rigs operating over 1000 eligible diesel engines. We have received our first order for a dual fuel rig in the Williston/Bakken area which will be installed in the near future."

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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