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Dual-fuel engine demonstrates ethane gas capability

LNG Industry,

The Wärtsilä 50DF marine engine has been tested and certified to run on ethane (LEG) fuel, in addition to LNG.

The extensive testing programme was carried out by Wärtsilä, in close collaboration with Evergas.

Increased flexibility

Commenting on the success of the programme, Steffen Jacobsen, Evergas CEO, said: "We are very pleased that the Wärtsilä engines will be capable of utilising ethane boil-off gas [BOG] as fuel. It increases our operational efficiency and improves flexibility in the bunkering of fuels. All in all it results in a significant reduction in operating costs, while also providing a minimal environmental footprint. It also enables us to offer our customers increased flexibility, which has a monetary value to them.”

The capability to efficiently burn ethane BOG as engine fuel reduces the need of gas reliquefaction during the voyage. This means that less power is needed for the cargo handling, providing a more efficient and environmentally friendly overall system.

IMO regulations

This development enables Wärtsilä's customers to meet the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Tier III regulations without need of secondary emissions cleaning while using either LNG or LEG as fuel. The engines are able to switch between LNG, LEG, liquid fuel oil (LFO) or heavy fuel oil (HFO).

"This is yet another significant breakthrough for Wärtsilä's multi-fuel technology. The option to utilise ethane gas as a marine fuel further extends the fuel flexibility of our DF engine portfolio. It also provides yet another option to achieve compliance with the IMO's stringent Tier III legislation," concluded Lars Anderson, VP Engine Sales, Wärtsilä Ship Power.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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