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NGVs agreement in Rostov region

LNG Industry,

In a bid to encourage a cost-effective transportation system, and reduce environmental risks, Chairmen and Directors of Gazprom, and the Governor of the Rostov Region Government, Vasily Golubev, signed an agreement on the increased usage of natural gas as a fuel for vehicles. The agreement formed part of the XII International Investment Forum ‘Sochi – 2013’. Gazprom will work closely with the region’s directors to put natural gas fuelled vehicles on the road, including passenger, public utility, road-building, and agricultural vehicles.

As part of the agreement, Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) will be commissioned in conjunction with an NGV infrastructure. Gazprom and the Rostov Region are due to draw-up schedules in November. Gazprom will then assume control of construction and operations.Mobile gas refuelling trucks will supply vehicles with natural gas, a job that will be overseen by Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo.

The Rostov Region Government will oversee both the construction of state NGV vehicles, which will supply local needs, technical equipment, and coordinate the training of people employed by companies using NGVs, and the implementation of laws that will see the promotion of the province’s NGV market.

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