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Pakistan set for first LNG shipment

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The first shipment of LNG is scheduled to arrive in Pakistan on 26 March 2015, according to local reports.

Sources suggest that Qatargas has sold the LNG to Pakistan at approximately US$8 – 9/million Btu.

The government of Pakistan is keen to secure supplies of LNG from Qatar to help ease the energy crisis that is currently plaguing the country. Last year, Engro Corp.’s subsidiary, Elengy Terminal Pakistan Limited (ETPL), won the contract to develop Pakistan’s first LNG import infrastructure within a 335-day deadline.

Engro Corp. prepared an exclusive article discussing the regasification project for the March 2015 issue of LNG Industry. In the article, Engro explained the extent of the energy crisis in Pakistan:

Pakistan’s demand for gas [is] expected to double in the next 10 years and current gas production at 4 billion ft3/d was less than the required 6 billion ft3/d. At the current rate of growth, the demand could touch 13 billion ft3/d by 2020.

If this happens, the energy conundrum in the country could well become an energy catastrophe. Towns and rural areas will be in perpetual darkness, and a majority of the industrial units will be forced to shut down or remain uncompetitive. Consequently, unemployment will increase, a greater majority of Pakistanis will fall below the poverty line, food inflation will become rampant, and social indicators will be well below that of sub-Saharan countries.

By this time, Pakistan will only be able to meet 41% of its energy requirements and will have an energy import bill of US$52 billion. With no end in sight, the repercussions of Pakistan’s ongoing energy crisis are severe and go well beyond threats to the country’s economic well-being and stability.

Hence, it is imperative to look for an alternative source of gas in Pakistan. Importing LNG will enable the government to save significant foreign exchange through import substitution of oil, and will alleviate the energy crisis plaguing the country.

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