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Gasunie and Groningen Seaports hope to introduce LNG

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Gasunie and Groningen Seaports, a gas infrastructure company, is set to conduct research into the feasibility of creating infrastructures in the Ems Harbour, the Netherlands, for the supply of LNG by ship – including the unloading and gaseous injection in the gas transport network.

The addition of an LNG facility in the Ems Harbour would increase the demand for importing natural gas, due to reduced gas production in Groningen. Gasunie will survey the suitable technical, logistical and commercial concepts whilst Groningen Seaports will survey location-related matters in the Ems Harbour. 

The Groningen province is a gas production area and is also where large quantities of gas enter the Netherlands from Norway, Germany and Russia. Using nitrogen, high-calorific gas from other countries and other production regions can be made suitable for use by Dutch households.

Nitrogen is already being added, and an extra production capacity is being planned in an attempt to make up for the shortfall, as a result of the reduced gas supply from the Groningen field.

There is sufficient gas transport capacity around the Ems Harbour. This makes the harbour a suitable location for the supply of LNG, both nationally and internationally. It provides sufficient space and the ports harbour basins are excellently connected to the open sea.

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