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Woodside to use IBM Watson system

LNG Industry,

Woodside will use IBM Watson as part of its next steps in data science, helping to scale the knowledge of Woodside’s engineers working in control rooms offshore.

The cognitive computing system will be trained by Woodside engineers, enabling users to surface evidence-weighted insights from large volumes of unstructured and historical data contained in project reports in seconds.

LNG operations

Watson is part of Woodside’s strategy to use predictive data science to leverage the company’s knowledge and experience as a leading LNG operator.

Woodside Senior VP - Strategy, Science and Technology, Shaun Gregory explained that data science is the essential next chapter in knowledge management, enabling the company to unlock collective intelligence.


Gregory commented: “We are bringing a new toolkit to the company in the form of evidence based predictive data science that will bring down costs and increase efficiencies across our organisation.

“Data science, underpinned by an exponentially increasing volume and variety of data and the rapidly decreasing cost of computing, is likely to be a major disruptive technology in our industry over the next decade.

"Our plan is to turn all of this data into a predictive tool where every part of our organisation will be able to make decisions based on informed and accurate insights."

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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