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Komax Systems responds to LNG demand

LNG Industry,

As the number of LNG plants across the world increases, so does the need for the technology to keep those plants functional at lower costs.

Komax Systems Inc. is keeping up with the increase in demand for desuperheaters, needed to ensure the effectiveness of LNG plants.

The company offers gas and steam desuperheaters, which are essential in an LNG plant setting.

Frank Estrada, Production Manager, explained: "We've incorporated an Equalizerâ„¢ mixing module into our desuperheaters that changes the entire equation. It includes a low pressure water injection spray nozzle that is directed upstream, which means the steam and water are deeply connected with each other, reducing the superheated steam to the right value immediately."

The Komax desuperheater also requires a shorter and straighter pipe lay than conventional versions, which is suitable for the limited space available in today's LNG plants.

"With no moving parts, little required maintenance, and a low vibration, our desuperheater is the only solution for a growing industry that needs faster answers and solutions," added Nolan Smith, Senior Applications Specialist.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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