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Owens Corning puts passive fire safety in the spotlight at Gastech

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At the 2023 Gastech Conference and Exhibition, Owens Corning is spotlighting solutions to support passive fire safety and insulate process pipes in cryogenic and high temperature applications. Members of the Owens Corning® FOAMGLAS® cellular glass technical team are on hand at stand #A162, demonstrating solutions to perform in the energy sector’s extreme process environment.

Owens Corning puts passive fire safety in the spotlight at Gastech

Installed at LNG plants, storage terminals and processing plants around the globe, high-performing FOAMGLAS® insulation contributes to the thermal performance, and longevity of process piping and storage equipment. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is a lightweight, rigid material with a closed-cell structure that delivers consistent and enduring performance on process piping and equipment operating in extreme environments and storage conditions. Below are a few of the performance attributes that will be demonstrated during Gastech.

Performance across an extreme temperature range

Insulation installed on industrial pipes and equipment must function in applications that range from cryogenic processes used in LNG, ethylene, LPG, LOX, nitrogen, ammonia, and CO2, to the intense heat used in petrochemical processing. Owens Corning® FOAMGLAS® supports processes across a vast thermal range, from -265?C (-450?F) to +482?C (900?F).

Defending against moisture

In cold processing and cryogenic applications, vapour drive from warmer ambient air presents a perpetual risk for corrosion to form on the outside of pipes and equipment. Comprised of glass, Owens Corning® FOAMGLAS® is impermeable to moisture and does not absorb water or hydrocarbons. The material has a long record of defending against corrosion in humid and tropical climates or anywhere moisture infiltration poses a threat.

Supporting passive fire safety

In the event of an LNG pit fire, the Owens Corning® FOAMGLAS® Passive Fire Protection system delivers a passive fire system to help reduce thermal radiation and flame height. Examples and case studies from ‘real-world’ facilities will be featured at the Owens Corning booth during Gastech. During the exhibit, visitors can learn about a recently constructed LNG facility in Florida, US, that relies on FOAMGLAS® Passive Fire Protection systems as a first line of defense against the risk of a jet fire or hydrogenic pool fire.

Strength under pressure

Installed at the base of cryogenic tanks, High Load Bearing (HLB) FOAMGLAS® insulation delivers sufficient compressive strength to carry the tank and its contents. The insulation also limits possible heat transfer that could potentially exit the tank base and reduce the tank’s structural integrity. Visitors to the Owens Corning booth at Gastech will learn about the performance that FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation delivers in tank base systems at Shenzhen Diefu CNOOC LNG Terminal in Shenzhen Prefecture, Guangdong, China.

Getting it right on the job site

Realising the optimal performance of any insulating material is dependent upon proper specification and installation. The Owens Corning® FOAMGLAS® technical team provides complementary calculations customised to the specific details of each site. During installation, Owens Corning engineers work onsite with the contractor’s team overseeing that FOAMGLAS® insulation and accessories are installed to support performance and longevity.

Building on a legacy of performance

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation has been installed on pipes and energy equipment since the 1960s, and FOAMGLAS® HLB is a component used in LNG insulation systems around the globe. Interest in reducing the carbon footprint of energy continues to drive new energy initiatives such as carbon capture and storage (CCS), and Owens Corning® FOAMGLAS® insulation is installed in a high-profile project in the North Sea.

Remarking on Owens Corning’s presence at Gastech 2023, Michael Logue, Business Director, Technical Insulation at Owens Corning, said FOAMGLAS® presents a “workhorse” component for pipes and vessels operating in facilities across the energy value chain. “Insulating across a broad temperature range, delivering load-bearing capabilities, and helping to defend against moisture infiltration, FOAMGLAS® supports critical functions in the energy processing and storage sector. At a time when extreme climate events and ongoing volatility are affecting the entire energy value chain, FOAMGLAS® brings a legacy of performance to existing and emerging energy applications.”

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