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RAMP and Woodside test first LNG Smart Tag

LNG Industry,

Ramp RFID and Woodside have tested the first Woodside LNG Smart Tag (W-Tag). The trial was a collaboration between Woodside’s Martijn Truijens and RAMP’s Alastair McArthur.

Smart tag

The W-Tag is an IECEX certified dual technology, smart tag, suitable for the oil and gas industry. The ability to read and write to the tag memory from long distance is a key feature of the smart tag.

The tag also features high visibility, long range active RFID, 5 year battery life, back-up passive RFID and barcodes, with IP68 rating, and IECEX & ATEX certified.

The W-Tag has been launched at the Woodside operated Karratha Gas Plant. Woodside intends to share the results of the trial with interested parties.

Research and development

Ramp RFID will be participating in the research project by providing products and services to enable additional visibility into the construction materials tracking process. Ramp RFID will also implement an advanced system for research and development of RFID tracking technologies for lean construction, combining the W-Tag and Intelliwave’s powerful SiteSense software platform.

During the course of the project, benefits such as the time and costs associated with errors, rework, omissions, waste, slips and lapses made by workers have been significantly reduced using this fully integrated system.


Kevin Cohen, Ramp RFID CEO, commented: “Bringing technologies and people together to provide construction productivity is core to Ramp’s mission. We are honored to be part of this groundbreaking effort that will clearly change the face of LNG construction projects going forward.”

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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