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September 2018

The September issue of LNG Industry has a special focus on the upcoming Gastech exhibition and conference, featuring a regional report from the show itself examining the vital role of gas within the future of the energy landscape. Elsewhere in the issue we feature insights from GTT, Lloyd’s Register, Skangas and more, on topics such as valves and pressure regulators, LNG shipping and storage.

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Guest Comment

LNG news

The Future Looks Bright
Gavin Sutcliffe, Gastech, UK, examines gas’ vital role within the future of the energy landscape.

Best Bulge Pinch Protection
Ralph Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc., USA, examines the effect of solvent lean loading on the formation of bulge pinch conditions in a non-optimised CO2 absorber.

Searching For Solutions
Geoffroy Beutter, GTT, France, states the case for the GTT membrane tank as the preferred solution for LNG-fuelled ships in light of looming emissions legislation.

Success Now Comes In Modules
Jente Quintens, Owens Corning, Belgium, explores the benefits of modular construction for LNG insulation projects.

Change Is Coming?
Ravi Manghani, Wood Mackenzie, USA, discusses the future of energy storage and the question of whether or not it will replace gas peaker plants.

Under Pressure
Orhan Karagöz, REMBE® GmbH Safety + Control, Germany, reviews rupture discs as a reliable safety device for the protection of systems against excessive pressure in the LNG industry.

On A Different Scale
Julie Sakhrai, Sofregaz, France, discusses the main differences between large and small scale LNG receiving terminals, highlighting the differences in CAPEX approaches and the ways to find the optimised solutions.

Looking To The Future
Andreas Silcher, Haynes and Boone, UK, considers what the future holds for LNG charter parties.

The Classification Conundrum
Richard Nott and Mark Tipping, Lloyd’s Register, discuss the issues associated with the classification of FLNG and FSRUs.

In Pursuit Of Growth
Nakilat, Qatar, provides an account of its growth as an LNG shipping company, its vision for the future, and the role it plays in the Qatari LNG industry.

Supporting Advances In Technology
Johan Knijp and Johan Holstein, DNV GL, the Netherlands, discuss technological developments in the LNG as fuel sector.

Reaching Maximum Potential
Kathryn Young and Javid Talib, Black & Veatch, USA, outline a new approach to increasing the production capacities of PRICO® SMR liquefaction trains.

A New Strategic Hub?
Matteo Tirindelli, Angelo Lo Nigro and Alan Herbst, RINA, and Priscilla Mendez and Ricardo Ungo, ACP, discuss the growing viability of Panama as an up-and-coming LNG hub in the 21st Century.

Aggregating For Success
Karthik Sathyamoorthy, AG&P, discusses how demand aggregation will help make LNG viable in fast-growing, gas-hungry markets.

Designing Safe LNG Fuelling Stations
Chad Thomas, RegO, USA, provides an overview of the company’s next generation of LNG fuelling station equipment.

Software For Supports
Stuart Barry, Bergen Pipe Supports, outlines the development of the first 3D CAD design package for cryogenic supports.

The Sun Doesn’t Always Shine
Kimmo Rahkamo, Skangas, Norway, discusses why much of society’s ability to achieve a carbon-free future powered by renewable energy rests squarely upon the LNG industry, the challenges it faces and how it must tackle them to succeed.

Sizing Up Supply
Matt Schatzman, NextDecade Corp., USA, discusses LNG supply in Texas and its implications for the US and global LNG markets.

Gastech 2018 Preview
LNG Industry previews a selection of companies that will be exhibiting at this year’s Gastech in Barcelona, Spain (17 – 20 September 2018).

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