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September 2017

In this month’s issue of LNG Industry, we are showcasing features on valves, acid gas removal, lifting equipment, LNG shipping and storage. Deloitte and Rystad Energy have also contributed to our regional report on Asia.

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LNG news

Times are changing
Tim Bjerkelund, Rystad Energy, Norway, questions whether it is time for small scale LNG to finally take part in the Asian market, as large scale LNG surges ahead.

LNG market evolution – a case of rapidly evolving dynamics
Bernadette Cullinane and Nye Hill, Deloitte, Australia, detail how the LNG market has changed in the face of new supply sources and rapid supply growth.

Concentration is crucial
Ralph Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc., USA, looks at the importance of piperazine concentration in CO2 removal operations in LNG applications.

Up to standard
Joel Fusy and Eric Morilhat, TechnipFMC, Loading Systems Division, France, look at the importance of safety and standardised guidelines in the development of LNG bunkering solutions.

Is a butterfly valve just a butterfly valve?
Kevin Niebergall, CGIS, Canada, identifies the key differences between butterfly valve designs.

Selecting a valve for cold service
Nate Paxton and Mike Wood, Cameron, a Schlumberger company, outline the rigorous design and material criteria to succeed at sealing in cold service.

LNG for transport – what’s next for the UK?
Rob McCord, Flogas Britain, UK, examines the forces shaping – and bolstering – the market for LNG as a transport fuel in the UK.

A smarter approach
Nick Labrosse, Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, Australia, discusses a new approach to the centuries old process of docking and mooring.

Technology and training
Mark Jessup, Markey Machinery, USA, looks at how new technology is causing changes in training methods.

Keeping cost on the mind
René Sejer Laursen, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Denmark, describes cost-optimised designs of fuel gas supply systems for the ME-GI (Gas Injection) engine on board LNG carriers.

Small and safe
Eric Linsner, International Registries, Inc., USA, looks at why the small scale LNG shipping model requires a different approach than the large scale model towards ensuring safety.

LNG storage: a modular future
John Powell and Ramesh Raman, Arup, USA, explore the benefits of breaking with convention to develop modular LNG storage tanks.

Small is the new big
Greg Arnold, Whessoe Engineering Ltd, UK, explains how to unlock the small scale LNG user.

Seismic impact
Omar Zanoli and Marcello Cademartori, RINA Consulting, Italy, explain the benefits of membrane LNG tanks in seismic areas.

15 facts... on Asia

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