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September 2014

The September issue explores the Japanese LNG market, and provides an update on the development of the Singapore LNG terminal. Other features include leak detection, measurement applications and turbomachinery.

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LNG news

Land of the rising.... LNG imports
Subbu Bettadapura, Frost & Sullivan, provides an outlook for the Japanese LNG industry.

LNG for the lion city
Samsung C&T, Singapore, looks back at the construction and development of Singapore’s first LNG terminal and reflects on its role in the global LNG market.

No more leaks!
Junjie Yu, Dino Simonits and Yuxing Jiang, LIOS Technology GmbH, Germany, discuss the application of DTS systems for leak detection on LNG tanks in Tianjin, China.

Waste not want not
Dan Danskin, AP Sensing, UK, looks at applying DTS technology to reduce storage costs.

Take shelter!
Hans Geiger, Intertec-Hess GmbH, Germany, discusses methods of protecting instrumentation on floating LNG vessels.

Profitable green drilling
Randy Hull, Prometheus Energy, Jon McEvers, Antero Resources, and Alan Grosse, GE Power & Water/Distributed Power Group, USA, show how a complementary field gas and LNG fuel strategy facilitates 100% natural gas drilling.

Breaking from tradition
John Lamb, Alpha Process Controls, UK, argues that breakaway couplings herald a new generation for safe LNG transfer.

LNG in the balance
George Barnes and Scott Tanner, Flow-Cal Inc., USA, ask whether measurement applications can meet the challenge of balancing inventory as it transitions between a natural gas pipeline and an LNG vessel.

Into the groove
Xavier Guérif and Pol Dunoyer, GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques S.A.S, France, offer an alternative solution to enhance the performance of air cooled heat exchangers.

The heart of liquefaction
Todd Omatick and Kyle Carpenter, Elliott Group, USA, explain why experience and expertise are key to LNG compression.

Knowledge in control
Pier Parisi and Emily Hoop, Compressor Controls Corp., USA, question whether it is possible to control critical machinery with technology alone.

Take control
Hector Buchelly, Schneider Electric, USA, looks at how dynamic simulation can boost turbomachinery system capabilities.

Pump & turbomachinery equipment review
LNG Industry reviews a selection of the most advanced pump/turbomachinery equipment in the build up to this year’s Pump & Turbomachinery Symposia, taking place in Houston, Texas, USA, from 22 - 25 September 2014.

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