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October 2019

The October 2019 issue of LNG Industry includes a regional report on the Middle East, as well as a number of technical articles covering LNG as a transport fuel, cryogenic equipment, monitoring & maintenance, ship-to-ship transfer and software.

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LNG news

The rise of the Middle East
Aditya Saraswat and Carlos Torres-Diaz, Rystad Energy, Norway, explain how the Middle East’s gas production could overtake Russia this year.

Smooth sailing with LNG as fuel
Jose Navarro, Lloyd’s Register, South Korea, outlines the key considerations and challenges that individuals need to be aware of, in order to safely design and operate LNG-fuelled ships.

Behind the scenes
Nicolas Thenard, GTT, France, provides a detailed look inside the company’s cryogenic materials laboratory.

From beginning to end
Eric Sallee, Honeywell UOP, USA, looks at the current state of the liquefaction and regasification sectors, and discusses the company’s work in these fields.

Optimising valve performance
Kevin Niebergall, CGIS, Canada, presents an innovative valve technology and approach to increase check valve performance.

A new approach to LNG bunkering
Silvia Saggiori and Filippo Visentini, MIB Italiana S.p.A., Italy, outline how to achieve no compromise between safety and performance in bunker vessel LNG transfers.

The new market reality
Marco Ferrara, Italy, and Rick Liberson, USA, Emerson, discuss the importance of superior fit-for-purpose valve technology for the LNG value chain.

Better safe than sorry
Christian Sommerhoff, IWB, Germany, discusses safety and efficiency in LNG distribution.

Deriving data differently
Danny Constantinis, EM&I Group, Malta, discusses a new data gathering methodology for the floating gas industry, which uses robotics and digitised methods of data gathering and analysis to derive reliable data trends.

No more nuisance noise
Jochen Schaal, SoundPLAN GmbH, Germany, examines issues surrounding the monitoring and mitigation of noise from LNG operations and how these can be resolved.

15 facts on... The Middle East

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