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November 2018

The November issue of LNG Industry features a number of in-depth, technical articles covering various topics, including heat exchangers, compressors & turbines, LNG distribution, and terminal construction.

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12 The future of gas: golden age or lost opportunity?
Peter O’Sullivan, Penspen, UK, outlines the state of the natural gas industry and assesses the implications of emission strategies for the future.

18 Commercialising a ‘super basin’
Keith Meyer, John Tichotsky and Robert Hanson, Alaska Gasline Development Corp., provide an outline of the Alaska LNG project and its significance in commercialising America’s last frontier.

23 A CWHE design for an evolving market
John Dally and William Schmidt, Air Products and Chemicals, take a look at the innovations in CWHE design meeting the demands of a changing LNG market.

27 Pioneering practicality
Kelly Marull, Air Flow North America, USA, pitches the strengths of the company’s new LNG mobile refuelling station and its suitability to the European trucking market as it transitions towards adopting alternative fuels on a greater scale.

29 Into the wild
Margarita Panina, Siemens, Russia, and Navneet Jindal, Siemens, Singapore, explain how an LNG facility in remote Siberia is overcoming harsh conditions with cost-effective design and development.

33 The right size solution
Scott Mossberg, Bechtel Oil, Gas and Chemical, USA, and Douglas Ducote, Chart Energy and Chemicals Inc., USA, discuss the benefits of mid scale LNG discovered by the two companies during a period of collaboration.

39 Three industry waves, one vital product
Yousef Jarrah and Christopher Finch, Nikkiso Cryo, USA, describe three iconic waves of change in the LNG industry and use a pump case study to demonstrate how the highest levels of performance and efficiency can be achieved by utilising the right technology.

45 Loaded for the road
Sylvain Ringot, Dunkerque LNG, and Rachid Lamarkbi, TechnipFMC, France, describe the development and benefits of the companies’ new LNG truck loading facility.

49 LNG tank construction at record speed
Andreas Griener, Linde Engineering, Germany, describes the construction of a mid scale storage tank at record speed.

53 What is really fuelling portfolio risk?
Michael W. Hinton, Allegro Development Corp., USA, discusses the challenge of managing portfolio risk and taking advantage of opportunities in the evolving LNG market.

56 15 facts on... emerging LNG markets

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