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November 2014

LNG Industry’s final issue of the year includes features on FLNG, pumps & valves, protective coatings, small scale LNG and transfer systems. Strategic Decisions Group also provide an overview of the global LNG industry.

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LNG news

All around the world
Naoki Shimoda, USA, and Girish Shirodkar, Asia Pacific, Strategic Decisions Group, provide an overview of the global LNG industry.

Finding the right patch
Louise Ledgard, BMT Group Ltd, UK, highlights the importance of understanding metocean conditions in order to determine the feasibility of a potential FLNG site.

A different approach
Peter J. H. Carnell and Vince Atma Row, Johnson Matthey, UK, posit that emerging technology allows greater flexibility for the design and operation of FLNG units.

FLNG hazard perception
Francesco Criminisi, Wim van Wijngaarden and Shyreen Dahoe, SBM Offshore, the Netherlands, assess the safety benefits of dual nitrogen cycles on converted FLNG units.

The last line of defence
Jean-Paul Boyer, Pentair Valves & Controls, UK, looks at how safety valves maximise the protection of essential infrastructure in LNG applications.

Choose carefully
Duncan Gaskin, Bestobell Marine, UK, discusses the importance of choosing the right valve for offshore applications.

Smooth operator
Hiroaki Nakamoto, Ebara International Corp., Cryodynamics Division, USA, examines the effect of hydrostatic bearings on cryogenic applications.

Job to protect
Paul Greigger, PPG Protective & Marine Coatings, examines solutions for fire and cryogenic spill protection.

Below zero
Edward Shanks, AkzoNobel, UK, discusses the challenges facing passive fire protection systems in the growing Arctic and cold climate LNG industries.

The pressure’s on...
Simon Oury, Cryostar, France, looks at two different challenges facing LNG stations.

Growth of an LNG mobile pipeline
Sean Murray, Worthington Industries, explains the concept of the LNG ‘mobile pipeline’, details challenges and successes experienced in its global applications and describes opportunities for growth.

Flexible flaring
Converting flare gas to LNG is a viable option for oilfield operators facing increasingly restrictive regulations. Charles Ely, Dresser-Rand, USA, explains why.

Zeebrugge: the transforming terminal
Dirk Nous, Fluxys, Belgium, examines how the Zeebrugge LNG terminal has begun its transition from a regas terminal to a fully-fledged LNG hub for northwest Europe.

Tailor-made services
Raphaël Pujol, Stéphane Loubat and Pierre Bernoux, Elengy, France, discuss LNG transshipment at the Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminal.

A great stretch
Joel Fusy and Nicolas Duhamel, FMC Technologies, France, take a look at loading system operations with reference to Petronas’ FLNG 1 project.

Evolving solutions for every application
Richard Hepworth, Trelleborg, Dubai, discusses the development of new and existing technologies for use in on and offshore LNG applications.

Under supervision
Simon Whibberley, European Automation Projects, UK, looks at technologies for terminal automation systems.

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