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May 2018

The May issue of LNG Industry magazine features a report from Petroskills|John M Campbell investigating the global state of the small scale LNG industry. Elsewhere the issue explores liquefaction terminals, FLNG, pumps & expanders, turbomachinery, tugs & towage, and regasification technology.

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LNG news

Has boutique LNG gone mainstream?
John Sheffield and Kindra Snow-McGregor, Petroskills|John M Campbell, present a worldwide overview of the small scale LNG industry.

Risk aversion
Ton van den Bosch, Ince & Co, Singapore, outlines tactics for managing country risk in emerging LNG markets.

Looking in the wrong direction
Nimalen Gnanendran and Richard Wheeler, LNG Limited, USA, discuss the rise of Canadian East Coast LNG projects.

Powering gas compressors
Manish Verma, TMEIC, USA, evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of the major electric motor-based prime mover technologies available to operators.

Turbomachinery safety in the LNG industry
Uwe Bruckhoff, HIMA, Germany, discusses how the integration of functional safety in turbomachinery control leads to higher plant performance and profitability.

Another social revolution
John Lamb, Alpha Process Controls, UK, reviews the operations required for the process, transfer, and delivery of LNG.

Growing supply meets growing demand
Todd Gibbs, Atlas Copco Gas and Process Division, USA, examines the global trends and technology driving today’s LNG market.

Can FSRUs live up to the hype?
John Powell and Ramesh Raman, Arup, USA, and Ashit Jadav, Arup, UK, examine whether, and how, FSRUs can fulfil their potential as part of the answer to the LNG industry’s supply-demand imbalance.

Mid scale is beautiful
Tom Haylock, Aragon, highlights how new thinking, driven by the evolving LNG market, is challenging the established approach in liquefaction.

Fast track small scale solutions
Ramesh Nair, Wison Offshore & Marine, China, discusses how developments in small scale technologies are making LNG a viable fuel source for isolated customers.

From wellhead to the world
Alex Keys, Fluenta, UK, reviews the history of LNG innovation and outlines the industry’s journey from storage solution to globally desired commodity.

Plug-and-play power
Richard Colwill, BMT, explains how FSRUs have the potential to transform lives by providing remote archipelago communities around the world with sustainable access to power.

Abrasion is the enemy
Junaid Makda, Nylacast, UK, outlines the most effective method of mitigating the short and long term effects of abrasion on tow lines.

Finding the sweet spot
Marinus Jansen, Rotortug B.V., the Netherlands, advocates for a multi-tier approach to manoeuvring studies.

15 facts on... Africa

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