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May 2014

The May 2014 issue of LNG Industry focuses on the latest developments in South and Central Asia. The issue also looks at LNG trade, floating LNG, acid gas/mercury removal, ship to ship transfer and heat exchangers.

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LNG news

Sleeping giant
Peter Kiernan, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), UK, debates whether LNG can feed the awakening South Asian energy market.

A passage to India
Prabhat Singh, GAIL (India) Ltd, provides an update on the company’s recent activities as it looks to meet India’s growing energy needs.

Genie on the loose!
Christopher Goncalves and Anthony Melling, Berkeley Research Group LLC, USA, introduce North American LNG and Henry Hub pricing.

Unlocking the future
Compact printed circuit heat exchangers will play an important part in shrinking the topside bulk of many new FLNG facilities. John Gaffney, Heatric, UK, explains why.

Thinking in circles
Lars Odeskaug, Sevan Marine, and Tom Haylock, KANFA Aragon, Norway, discuss cylindrical hull technology in FLNG operations.

A shortcut to imports
Ragnar Wisløff, Höegh LNG, Norway, looks at how FSRUs are enabling LNG to reach new markets.

A steady arm
Matteo Suzzani, MIB Italiana S.P.A., Italy, looks at ways of increasing safety in side-by-side transfer of LNG.

Breaking the ice
S. Maillard, Gaztransport & Technigaz (GTT), France, examines LNG membrane systems in the harshest environments.

LNG’s new friend
Ian Mallory, Sea NG, Canada, explains how marine CNG is expanding the transport options of gas producers.

Probing for savings
Pierre Barere, Jean-Jacques Piclin, Bernard Ribero and Gilles Tissot, Opta-Periph SAS, France, outline the benefits of using an LNG probe and vaporiser for sampling and analysis at custody transfer.

The good, the bad and the ugly
Roger Simonson, Black Powder Solutions, Canada, looks at solutions to mitigate the effect of black powder in LNG applications.

Apprehending the troublemakers
Torsten Katz, Georg Sieder and Justin Hearn, BASF SE, Germany, examine the problems that glycols present in acid gas removal processes and look at ways of overcoming them.

Quelling quicksilver
Peter J. H. Carnell and Vince Atma Row, Johnson Matthey Process Technologies, UK, examine the origins of mercury in fossil fuels and the means for its removal and safe disposal.

Sweet solutions for sour LNG plants
Matt Thundyil, David Seeger and Ramiro G. Vazquez, GTC Technology US, LLC, assess sulfur recovery for LNG plants.

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